The first South West Coastal Rowing League regatta of the season commenced on April 7th, 2018 with a splash in the waters of host Teign Scullers for the ‘Parson & Clerk Gallop’ in Teignmouth, Devon. With the absence of Torquay, three clubs participated respectively with their A and B teams.

After a grey and wet start, the season kick-off with the Ladies 8km; as the flagged dropped, the rowing commenced in fighting spirit; Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club (MORC) ‘A’ [Jolly Jacks] stormed off the line withdrawing shortly after having lost their rudder. The battle was between Exmouth Rowing Club ‘A’ and Teign ‘A’, the latter maintained their lead to finish in a time of 36 mins 45 secs with Exmouth ‘A’ in a close second. Teign ‘B’ followed third after a hard-fought battle with Exmouth ‘B’.

The Men’s 8km saw a very close battle towards the end between Teign ‘A’ and Exmouth ‘A’ with Exmouth the victors by only 4 seconds in a time of 34 mins 11 secs; MORC ‘A’ soon followed to take third place even with a broken rigger.

After the high tide ‪at 11:15, the influence the outgoing waters from the River Teign favoured the knowledge of the home team.

The 4km Masters (50 years+) saw the boats struggling to maintain position for the start of the race with a false start declared. Once rowing was underway, Teign ‘A’ dominated the race finishing in a time of 26:45 followed by MORC ‘A’ 28:10, then Exmouth ‘A’ 28:35.

The racing day was drawn to a close with the Mixed 4km. The tidal conditions lead to a controversial start with the Teign ‘A’ boat outside of the start line by 100m; MORC ‘B’ was caught-up in the start boat and boats struggling to hold positions. As the flag was dropped, MORC ‘A’ with an impressive quick start was soon joined by all boats fighting for position in a tight space. Favourable water saw the boats weaving in-and-out of the buoys; Teign ‘A’ were victorious in a time of ‪23:43, followed by MORC ‘A’; Exmouth ‘A’ and ‘B’ fought closely towards the end battling the conditions with Exmouth ‘B’ finishing third 10 seconds ahead of the ‘A’ boat.

In the New Quay Inn, Teignmouth; Teign Scullers were announced as the overall winners of the day taking home the Oar.

The next regatta sees the clubs heading to Plymouth based Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club ‪on Saturday 21st April 2018.


Full Results:


8km – Ladies

1st = Teign A: 36:45

2nd = Exmouth A: 37:21

3rd = Teign B: 40:54

4th = Exmouth B: 41:11

5th = Mayflower B: 44:40

6th = Teign C: 53:51

DNF = Mayflower A


8km – Men’s

1st = Exmouth A: 34:11

2nd = Teign A: 34:15

3rd = Mayflower A: 36:55

4th = Teign B: 37:13

5th = Mayflower B: 37:26

6th = Exmouth/Teign: 44:07


4km – Masters

1st = Teign A: 26:45

2nd = Mayflower A: 28:10

3rd = Exmouth A: 28:35

4th = Mayflower B: 30:55

5th = Exmouth ‘Fun Boat’ 28:35

6th = Teign B: 38:11


4km – Mixed

1st = Teign A: 23:43

2nd = Mayflower A: 24:37

3rd = Exmouth B: 25:43

4th = Exmouth A: 25:53

5th = Teign B: 26:46

6th = Mayflower B: 27:20


Overall race day winners: Teign Scullers.Exmouth Rowing Club Mens A in action Mens 8km Winners - Exmouth Rowing Club A[5488]