The second leg of the Southwest Coastal Rowing League was hosted by Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club (MORC) in Plymouth on April 21st, for the ‘Breakwater Bash’ regatta. With the absence of Torquay, participants included Exmouth Rowing Club (ERC), Teign Scullers (TS) and special guests the Welsh Scullers Rowing Association (WSRA).


The sunny day began with 8 entries in the Ladies 8KM in unusually calm waters in Plymouth Sound. The course saw rowers tackling various buoys past Drakes Island, rounding the Fort at the Breakwater, through the ‘Bridges’ to the finishing line at Mayflower Marina.


As the flag was dropped, MORC(A) fired off the line, closely followed by ERC(A); a close race ensued with MORC(A) crossing the finish line only 9 seconds ahead of ERC(A) in 41m 52s with TS claiming the third spot in 44m 20s.


The Men’s 8KM, with 5 entries saw the hosts MORC(A), maintain their lead from the start just ahead of a closing ERC(A). With 700 metres to go and only 50m from the lead boat, ERC(A) hit a submerged object in the water dragging them to a halt; TS took advantage. MORC(A) the victors in 39m 40s, TS 41m 35s took second place closely followed by the freed ERC(A) in 41m 59s for third.


The 4KM events will have provided great entertainment for those visiting and sipping coffee at the Hoe with the rowers rounding Drakes Island and back to Mayflower Marina with dramatic racing. The Masters (50 years+) race with 7 entries saw numerous boats jostling for position, with tight buoy turns and overtaking. TS and MORC(A) fought to the end with TS clinching the first-place position 15 seconds ahead of MORC(A) in 23m 56s, followed by ERC(B) in third (24m 57s).


The last race of the day was the 4km Mixed race with 7 entries. MORC(A), TS and ERC(A) fought at the front of the pack; however, with 600m to go, TS broke an oar bringing them to a temporary halt. MORC(A) crossed the line followed by ERC(A). The battle was then for third. The TS boat, with one oar down, determined for third position fought a strong battle with ERC(B), to finally clinch the third spot just 1 second ahead of the ERC(B) boat!


The racing day was claimed by MORC. Please see below for the full results and the current SWCRL table.


The next SWCRL regatta will see clubs heading to Exmouth Rowing Club on Saturday 5th May 2018 for the Langstone Approach regatta, where there will be an extra special occasion as the club celebrates 25 years. The first race starts at 10:30 opposite the NCI Coastwatch tower on Exmouth Seafront – Exmouth Rowing Clubs chosen charity for 2018.


RACE RESULTS: Southwest Coastal Rowing League ‘Breakwater Bash’ Plymouth. April 21st, 2018.



1st. MORC A 41.52 6pts

2nd. Exmouth A 42.01 5pts

3rd. Teign A 44.20 4pts

4th. Exmouth B 46.31 3pts

5th. WSRA 47.34

6th. MORC B 49.39 2pts

7th. MORC C 51.08 1pt

8th. Sharon Ayles 1x 1.00.29 Winner



1st. MORC A 39.40 6pts

2nd. Teign A 41.35 5pts

3rd. Exmouth A 41.59 4pts

4th. MORC B 43.33 3pts

5th. WSRA 45.24



1st. Teign A 23.56 6pts

2nd. MORC A 24.12 5pts

3rd. Exmouth B 24.57 4pts

4th. MORC B 25.30 3pts

5th. Exmouth A 25.44 2pts

6th. Bob Cottrell 1x 26.17 Winner

7th. Robert Spence 1x 26.42



1st. MORC A 21.14 6pts

2nd. Exmouth A 21.32 5pts

3rd. Teign A 22.19 4pts

4th. Exmouth B 22.20 3pts

5th. MORC B 22. 59 2pts

6th. WSRA 23.57

7th. WSRA 2x 28.01 Winner


Southwest Coastal Rowing League after 2 regattas.



1st. Exmouth A 10pts

Teign A 10pts

2nd. Exmouth B 6pts

MORC A 6pts

3rd. MORC B 4pts

Teign B 4pts

4th. MORC C 1pt

Teign C 1pt



1st. Exmouth A 10pts

MORC A 10pts

Teign A 10pts

2nd. MORC B 5pts

3rd. Teign B 3pts



1st. Teign A 12pts

2nd MORC A 10pts

3rd. Exmouth A 6pts

Exmouth B 6pts

MORC B 6pts

4th. Teign B 1pt



1st. MORC A 11pts

2nd. Teign A 10pts

3rd. Exmouth A 8pts

4th. Exmouth B 7pts

5th. MORC B 3pts

6th. Teign B 2pts